Words of my students

I've been taking lessons from Mr. Yatmaz for a few months now and this by far is the most sophistication and organization I have seen from any teacher I have taken lessons from. Mr. Yatmaz's attitude and passion towards seeing students' improvement is impeccable; my technique has improved tenfold under his supervision. I am very grateful to have come across these private lessons, they have inspired and motivated me to practice and learn bass in the most enjoyable way.

Alaz Erdem, Beijing, China

I've been taking bass lessons with Murat for a few years. I've picked up the instrument late in life and some aspects of learning is tougher and slower. It was through his didactic approach that I finally understood the modes. Murat has also made it easier as he combines practice with the right level of theory. He brings numerous styles into practice which makes lessons enjoyable.

Alexander Remy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Murat yatmaz has been my guitar teacher for while and I learned so much. He speaks fluent English and he is very calm during teaching. I recommend to take a trial and I’m sure that you will be satisfied.

Gianni da Silva Areal, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have been taking bass guitar lessons with Murat for a couple of years. I like how he combines theory when we learn a new song. He makes sure that I understand the music that I'm playing, the different scales and different modes that I can play. This helps me better understand the instrument and be more confident while playing it. He also correct and tries to improve my technique so that I can become a better musician.

Osvaldo Sanchez, Amsterdam, Netherlands